Onfido – The Risks of Not Carrying out Background Checks

Through carrying out background checks, employers have the ability to verify a candidate’s identity, history and suitability for a job role. Checking a candidate’s identity is the most fundamental form of check. This involves simply verifying that a candidate is who they say are; in other words, making sure that they are not using fake documentation to commit identity fraud. Identity checks, along with right to work checks, are crucial no matter what industry the candidate is applying to work in.

At Onfido, these checks are classified into 3 basic categories:


1) Confirm your applicant’s IDENTITY 


Identity Report

Identity Reports are crucial to the background checking process. Unless you know a person is who they say they are, any other information you receive from them (e.g. the results of a criminal record check or their qualifications) cannot be relied upon.

Onfido’s Identity Reports will verify an applicant’s:

    • Address Details
    • Previous Addresses
    • Date of Birth
    • Mortality
    • Passport Number Validity

Right to Work Report

It is a criminal offence to employ a person who does not have the right to work in the UK. The UK Border Agency will fine an employer up to £10,000 if an illegal migrant worker is found working for them.

Onfido’s technology analyses passports to verify that they are not lost, stolen or compromised. Onfido also validates visa documentation to confirm whether or not your applicant has the right to work in the UK.


 2) Confirm your applicant’s HISTORY 


Adverse History Report

For roles that involve a high degree of trust, an adverse financial history (such as a County Court Judgment) is statistically associated with candidates who abuse their position for personal financial gain. These risks apply to low skilled workers who enter a client’s premises (e.g. cleaners), in addition to more typically fiduciary positions such as accountants. Onfido access the Dow Jones watchlist as well as over 60 other global sanctions lists to highlight whether your applicant has any red flags in their history.

The information contained in Onfido’s Adverse History Reports includes:

    • County Court Judgments
    • Court Judgments at Linked Addresses
    • Bankruptcy and Insolvency
    • Individual Voluntary Arrangement
    • Halo Register
    • Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons
    • Negative Media Checks
    • Current and Previous Directorship Details

Criminal History Report

Disclosure Scotland and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, formerly known as CRB checks, are legally required for certain positions (e.g. working with children and vulnerable adults). Failure to comply will not only lead to fines, but can potentially put the safety of the public at risk. In other circumstances, DBS checks are advisable in order to reduce the risk of employee fraud (e.g. if the candidate has a string of past convictions for theft).

Basic Disclosure | Standard Disclosure | Enhanced Disclosure


3) Confirm your applicant’s SUITABILITY 

This includes checking that they have not embellished details about their education and qualifications, or provided fake references in order to try and boost their application. This is more important in high-skill roles where qualifications and references are crucial to the application process.

Education and Qualifications Report

Onfido’s technology confirms that education and qualification certificates are genuine through checking directly with the issuing establishment.

The information contained in Onfido’s Education and Qualifications Reports includes confirmation of:

    • Institution attended
    • Course Title
    • Degree Type
    • Classification
    • Dates attended

Employment and Reference Report

Onfido allows you to create customised reference questionnaires so that you can receive the information you require from an applicant’s referees and previous employers.

The information contained in our Employment and Reference Report includes:

    • Employer verification of applicant’s employment history
    • Employer responses to basic questions about the applicant
    • Referee responses to customised questionnaire
    • 5 year employment timeline with supporting documentation for any gaps over 28 days.

For more information on Onfido’s reports see: https://onfido.co.uk/reports

The following infographic shows the Risks of Not Carrying out Background Checks

Onfido Infographic - Risks of Not Carrying out Background Checks