C6 Intelligence Announces Launch of Global 400 Million Identity checker

C6 Intelligence announces the launch of its unique ad hoc compromised Identity checker, “C6 Fraud” by offering it’s customers a 7 day free trial 

Using 10 years of experience in collating data on high risk individuals and companies they have been able to penetrate many dark websites to harvest over 400 Million Compromised identities from all over the globe. Using this data they now offer you the ability to check any identity to verify if it is or has been up for sale.

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We are constantly disclosing personal information about ourselves every time we join websites, buy things online and link with friends. Every time we submit our name, address, email, credit card details we increase our chance of being victims of ID fraud.

As criminals become increasingly sophisticated so must our gathering techniques. Other Identity security organisations use spidering technology, which only captures the compromised IDs once they have been used and released onto the worldwide web by the criminals.

C6 Intelligence believe that early detection is key to minimising the exposure and consequences of identity theft.

The new launch of the C6 Intelligence Identity checker will help you to check any identity to verify if it is or has been up for sale.

Benefits of the  C6 Intelligence Identity Checker (“C6 Fraud”)

    • Reduction in Fraud costs
    • Added protection to confirm your new client is who they say they are
    • Additional validation when any suspicious activity occurs on a account such as a change in address or a suspicious IP address
    • Reduction in time spend investigating suspicious activity
    • An investigation tool when fraud has taken place on any account

“50% of all frauds identified during 2013 relate to the impersonation of an innocent victim or the use of completely false identities.”


Why Use C6 intelligence? 

C6 Intelligence Group supplies up to the minute risk intelligence on individuals, companies and geographical locations. Covering PEP’s, Sanctions and Adverse media. We also produce a series of different EDD reports.  Our latest offering “C6 Fraud” is a unique global database of stolen identities, which are actively being traded over the dark web with the sole purpose of defrauding individuals and companies. The data acquired through human intelligence rather than automated processes comprises of emails, passwords, bank account details and other highly sensitive data. We provide this data for the sole purpose of preventing identity theft, minimising losses to both individuals and organisations alike.

Paul Renner is the co-founder of C6 Intelligence Information Systems which is used daily by banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and regulators to take a risk-based approach to managing fraud, money laundering and staff compliance risks.

For more information see: http://www.c6-intelligence.com/C6Fraud/ProductsAndServices