KYCMap was created to provide information on Know Your Customer (KYC) country requirements and KYC/AML data on countries around the world.

Our Banking and Financial clients wanted an easy reference guide to individual KYC covered entities as well as the latest worldwide developments in Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Rules, News and Events.

Paul Renner, CEO of KYCMap.com is also the co-founder of C6 Intelligence Information Systems which is used daily by banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and regulators to take a risk-based approach to managing fraud, money laundering and staff compliance risks.

The C6 Intelligence database was created to provide a unique and powerful source of information for those legitimately charged with investigating fraud and money laundering activities. The C6 Intelligence Information Database system is capable of meeting the need to quickly and accurately check an individual or company background. C6 was launched in November 2004 at the UK ACPO Conference (Association of Chief Police Officers) after several years of development.

Paul Renner is also the co-author of “Preventing Financial Instrument Fraud – The Money Launder’s Tool”, originally published by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Commercial Crime Services(CCS), now called the ICC Financial Investigation Bureau. The fraud models described within the publication has been referenced by the UK City of London Police and prosecution services, to support their case and secure convictions against fraudsters.